Fuel your performance!

Nutrition is the key to health and performance. Learning how to build your performance plate is the first step to maximizing your strength, endurance and overall training! Fueling needs change day to day based on training intensity and duration. This is your chance to learn from a sports dietitian how to meet your basic fueling needs! 

Topics will include:

  • The impact of nutrition on health and performance

  • Identify carbohydrates, fat and protein

  • The role of each macronutrient on athletic performance

  • Build your performance plate

  • Winning meals and snacks

  • Create your performance SMART goals

Who is this webinar for?

Calling all teens!

Have you been working hard at practice but feel frustrated that you are not noticing improvements in strength or endurance? Feeling unsure how to modify nutrition to boost your energy? This webinar will help you identify how to maximize nutrition to support your performance goals.

Former Feed to Succeed Sports RD!


Melanie Clark

A board specialist in sports dietetics with a passion for helping teen athletes fuel their sports performance, growth and developement! Melanie has experience working in a high school setting with teen athletes of all different sports. Melanie is a former collegiate swimmer. She completed her undergraduate degree at Saint Louis University, dietetic internship and masters at Rush University, and a year-long sports nutrition residency with the IRONMAN Sports Medicine Institute in Houston.